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We produce all kind of heating elements such as: Tubular Sheathed Element, Immersion Heaters, Air Duct Heaters, Cartridge Heaters, Band and Nozzle Heaters, cast-In Heaters,...

We also supply Infrared Heaters, Heat Tracing Tapes, High Watt Density Cartridge Heaters and all kind of Thermocouples and Sensors. Our production has always kept the highest quality level and is based on international standards.

Tubular Heaters

T ubular heating elements perform exceptional heat transfer by conduction, convection or radiation to heat liquids, air, gases and surfaces. In most heater assemblies, tubular element design configurations vary — round, triangular, flat press and formed.

Band Heater

and heaters are used for contact heating in machines and for heating of molds and tools mainly in the plastic, casting and rubber industry.

Types of band heaters:

  • Ceramic band heaters
  • Mica band heaters
  • Coil heaters

Cartridge Heaters

C artridge heaters are cylindrical electrical heating elements. Protected with a stainless steel sheath, their watt density can reach 50 W/cm2 and their operating temperature can go up to 800°C.
Mostly used for heating up solids such as injection presses heating plates or various tools, they can also be used for heating up water of gases under certain conditions. Widely used for manufacturing plastic and rubber parts in the car industry or in the food processing industry, etc… they are also commonly found in the chemical, electronics, medical equipment, packing and nuclear industries.


Infrared Heaters

An infrared heater or heat lamp is a body with a higher temperature which transfers energy to a body with a lower temperature through electromagnetic radiation. ... Infrared heaters can be operated in vacuum or atmosphere. One classification of infrared heaters is by the wavelength bands of infrared emission.

Heating Cables

W e provide the right heating cable to meet your temperature maintenance needs. We are serving various industries ranging from refrigeration, building and transport to petrochemical and aeronautical clients. Whether you need a heating cable for commercial refrigeration or a heating element for hot water, KTET stands behind all of their products with a commitment to superior customer service.

Having confidence in vital components such as self-regulating heating cables ensures peace of mind when it comes to your particular project, application or industry. A proper heating cable can help to ensure that your heating element is performing in the manner it should, ensuring efficiency and reducing waste. Whether you are looking to protect against frost or you need to ensure cables are protected against corrosive elements, trust KTET.

Thermocouples and Thermostats

Thermocouple is a sensor used to measure temperature. Thermocouples consist of two wire legs made from different metals. The wires legs are welded together at one end, creating a junction. This junction is where the temperature is measured. When the junction experiences a change in temperature, a voltage is created.

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